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^DIOZ: SORT Template Compilation

This entry point marks a SORT template compiled or uncompiled. The ^DIOZ entry point asks for the name of the SORT template to be used and whether the user wishes (1) to mark it compiled or (2) to uncompile it if it is already marked compiled. Actual compilation occurs at the time the template is used in the sort/print. There are no input or output variables.

SORT templates can be compiled into M routines to increase efficiency of the sort and improve system performance. Good candidates for compilation are sorts with many sort fields or those that sort on fields reached with relational syntax. The process of sort compilation is different from other FileMan compiling activities. SORT templates can be "marked" for compilation, then each time the SORT template is used in a FileMan sort/print, a new compiled routine is created. When the print job finishes, the routine is deleted. The routine is named DISZnnnn where "nnnn" is a four-digit number. The routine names are reused. Routine numbers are taken from the Compiled Routine file (described in the section on the ENRLS^DIOZ utility in the "VA FileMan Advanced User Manual"). Thus, a routine name is not tied to a particular SORT template.

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Reviewed/Updated: March 14, 2007