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Classic VA FileMan API

EN^DIQ: Display

This entry point displays a range of data elements in captioned format, to the current device. The output from this call is very similar to that of the Inquiry to File Entries option (described in the "Inquire Option" section of the "VA FileMan Getting Started Manual").

Input Variables

(Required) The global root of the file in the form ^GLOBAL( or ^GLOBAL(#,

If you are displaying an entry in a subfile, set DIC to the full global root leading to the subfile entry, including all intervening subscripts and the terminating comma, up to but not including the ien of the subfile entry to display.


(Required) If you are displaying an entry at the top level of a file, set DA to the internal entry number of the file entry to display.

If you are editing an entry in a subfile, set up DA as an array, where DA=entry number in the subfile to display, DA(1) is the entry number at the next higher file level,...DA(n) is the entry number at the file's top level.


(Optional) Names the global subscript or subscripts which are to be displayed by DIQ. If DR contains a colon (:), the range of subscripts is understood to be specified by what precedes and follows the colon. Otherwise, DR is understood to be the literal name of the subscript. All data fields stored within, and descendent from, the subscript(s) will be displayed, even those which normally have Read access security protection.

If DR is not defined, all fields are displayed.


(Optional) You can include the following flags in this variable to change the display of the entry:

C To display Computed fields.
A To display Audit records for the entry.
R To display the entry's Record number (IEN).


Reviewed/Updated: March 8, 2007