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Database Server (DBS) API

How the Database Server Communicates: Overview

A distinguishing feature of the DBS calls is that they don't "talk" - nothing is Written to a device. The DBS communicates with the client application by passing data in arrays instead of communicating directly with the user by Writing to the screen. It is the client application's responsibility to determine if, when, and how to inform the user of the information originating from the DBS.

The way that the DBS passes primary information, like the value of a field when doing a Data Retriever call or a record's internal entry number when doing a Finder call, is documented for each call. Secondary information consists of error messages, help text, and information currently Written from nodes in the Data Dictionary by Classic FileMan calls. The way secondary information is passed to the client application is described in this section.


Reviewed/Updated: March 10, 2007