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Running DIFROM to Export Data (13 of 17)

DIFROM Builds Routines Containing Data Values

DIFROM stores data values differently than it stores data dictionary information. The recipient's data dictionaries may be updated directly, node by node, but data must first be evaluated for a match of entries. As described in the Running an Init section, updating of the target system's data is done only after checking for matches. For this reason, the init routines first store data values in a ^UTILITY global structure that is rebuilt on disk on the target system. This allows the existing and incoming values to be compared.

The routines that DIFROM creates to transport data are similar in structure to the ones created to transport data dictionaries. The nodal address and associated values are maintained on separate program lines. The structure as it appears on the target system and as it is contained in the init routines is:


                transported as     ;;^UTILITY(U,$J,file#,entry#,node)


Reviewed/Updated: March 10, 2007