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Order Entry and DIFROM

DIFROM for VA FileMan versions 18 and later has been customized to support Order Entry. Order Entry inits must export records from the PROTOCOL file (#101). This file contains pointers back to itself, similar to the OPTION file (#19). Since DIFROM does not currently resolve these pointers, a joint effort was made by Order Entry and FileMan developers to support Order Entry inits that correctly install the protocols. (See Order Entry documentation for details.)

Basically, the process involves the creation of a second set of routines, similar to init routines, to export the Order Entry protocols and to resolve the pointers in the PROTOCOL file. An Order Entry routine, ORVOM, is run to create these routines. The resulting routines are named nmspONI*, the ONIT routines. These routine are run at the target site after the init routines to install the protocols.

The following considerations pertain to the creation of Order Entry inits:

DIFROM has been modified for Order Entry to automatically pick up the entry from the PACKAGE PARAMETERS multiple of the ORDER PARAMETERS file. When the init is run any pointers back to the PROTOCOL file that are contained in this entry are resolved. See the documentation on "Running an Init" for more information about resolving pointers during package installation.


Reviewed/Updated: March 10, 2007