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Data Security

Data Security Introduction

VA FileMan has facilities for screening access to entire files and to data within files on a field-by-field basis. Access to previously defined templates is also controlled.

When used with Kernel, there are two possible mechanisms for control of user access:

  1. By associating an Access Code with every user and with every file, field, and template on the system. The user's Access Code is stored in the local variable.

  2. Or, by doing a lookup into a user's entry in the NEW PERSON file (#200) to see if the file in question is available to that user. (The method is in effect only if Kernel's File Access Security has been installed on the system. It takes precedence over the Access Code method for file-level security. Field and template security are unaffected by Kernel's File Access Security; they remain enforced by Access Code.)

These methods for data security are described in this chapter.


Reviewed/Updated: March 4, 2007