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National Cancer Institute, Cairo University, Egypt

Dr. Omar El Hattab reports:

In 1990 a Project was launched to implement a HMIS at the National Cancer Institute, Cairo University (NCI-CU). NCI-CU is the leading Cancer centre in Egypt, delivering cancer care for about 12,000 new cancer cases every year, more than half free of charge.

DHCP (VISTA) was adopted as the HMIS. Customization and Arabization of many parts of VISTA was achieved inhouse, with cooperation from VA-ISC Washington DC and University of Wurzburg Germany. The Hardware consisted of about 100 PCs in a LAN. Applications customized, Arabized and used included: Registration, ADT, Surgery, Lab, Pharmacy, Radiology, Record Tracking, Nursing, Engineering, and a test of the imaging module.

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