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M Technology is the solid foundation of VISTA. An ANSI standard computer language, M isolates VISTA Applications from the underlying hardware platform, providing real-world portability. Because of M portability over the decades, VISTA has easily migrated from 1970's minicomputers to today's high-performance servers.

Note: M is an alternate name for MUMPS. When you read about M or MUMPS in these pages, you are reading about one and the same technology.

The Standard

Jacquard Systems Research publishes a comprehensive definition of the M Standard, past and present, as compiled by Ed de Moel.

User Forums

The 'comp.lang.mumps' Google Group has been a forum for M discussion for 20 years.

New England M Users Group still serves M aficionados in the NorthEast.

M Technology Association - United Kingdom & Ireland

M Technology Association Japan

M Links
Please follow these links to learn more about the powerful language and database that makes all of VISTA possible. 

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