large_diamond.gif (4180 bytes) Cutting the Diamond

This is a brief summary of the steps used to create the initial Diamond installation. Keep in mind that some of the information may not be exactly what you will find or use in your configuration (i.e. directory paths, etc.). Lest you feel that it isn't so bad to do this since it is but once, it turns out maintenance of Diamond is just has hard.  Over the course of our 4-6 month release cycle, a large number of patches must be applied along with the occasional release of new software (Fileman 22, for instance).

After you have read through these steps, you will have a greater appreciation of the Cache.dat gift that was donated to by one of your fellow Hardhat volunteers!

  1. Make folder ../cachesys/kernel
  2. Create database - Cache Utilities >> System Utilities >> Databases
  3. Add to datasets - Cache Configurations >> Network configuration >> Datasets
  4. Add namespace - Cache Configurations >> Network configuration >> Namespace
    Routine mappings
    Global mappings
  5. Define user account - Cache Utilities >> System Utilities >> User Accts
  6. Restore KRN8.MGR and run ^ZTMGRSET
  7. Restore and initialize FM21.RTN (HARDHATS, 9999)
  8. Restore standalone KIDS and run ^XPDINIT
  9. Load and Install KERNEL_8_FOIA.KID
  10. Save ^ZUONT as ^ZU
  11. Reinitialize Fileman for PACKAGE file
  12. Restore DEVICES.GBL
  13. Edit CONSOLE device to correct values
  14. Load and install Mailman MAIL_7_1.KID
  15. Add an entry to SERVICE/SECTION file (Information Services)
  16. Add NEW PERSON entry: MANAGER,SYSTEM as #1,
    Fileman access "@",Primary menu EVE
    Access code: HH1234, KEYS (various)
  18. Enter/Edit KERNEL SITE PARAMETERS (reindex)
  19. Add an INSTITUTION (HARDHATS 9999)
  20. Enter/Edit KERNEL SYSTEM PARAMETERS (reindex)
  21. Enter/Edit VOLUME SET (CACHE)
    Test TASKMAN
  23. Load and install Kernel Toolkit KTK7_3.KID
  25. Add PRINT MANAGER (|PRN|) and HFS devices
  26. Restore/install/test VPE version 9.3
  27. Install the CAIRO Run Time Library and GUIMail KIDs.
  28. Test GUIMail.
  29. Install the FixIT and the FixIT demo KIDs distributions.
  30. Test FixIT and the FixIT demo executable.
  31. If updating Diamond, you must apply the various patches to Fileman,
    Kernel, etc.  The challenge is to determine the sequencing so that
    patches can be applied after a required patch from another package
    has been applied. Also, patches must be carefully reviewed in case the
    steps for installation are out of the norm.
  32. Test mail delivery.
  33. Test the RPC Broker listener.
  34. Copy CACHE.DAT file and zip to KERNEL.ZIP

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