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The HTML version of the "VA FileMan Programmer Manual" contains documentation updates since the original release of VA FileMan Version 21.0 documentation in December of 1994 (including new functionality introduced by patches). This page lists all significant updates, in reverse chronological order. For specific updates based on the release of VA FileMan Version 22.0 and any subsequent patches, see the "New Features and Functionality in Version 22.0" topic in this manual.

Date Description of Update Patch/Version Number
06/26/98 Redid the format and layout of the manual to improve usability:
  • Went from three to two frames - a simpler design.

  • Removed all javascript that 'auto-synched' the frames. The javascript auto-synching made the back button almost useless by stacking too many pages in the "back" buffer.

  • Added Contents link in chapter headers so you can return to contents easily after loading a chapter.

  • Added Contents link on every topic page so that if page is reached on its own (outside of frameset) you can still get to the Contents.

  • Used cascading style sheet to apply a uniform style to all pages, for users of Internet Explorer 4x and greater, and Netscape 4x and greater.

  • The style sheets use the designed-for-Web-readability Verdana font (download it!). If not present on the system, falls back to Arial, Helvetica or Sans Serif.
Version 21.0

8/29/96: "Programmer Manual" recombined, from previously split
two manuals: "Developer's Guide" and "APIs Manual."

03/09/98 Updated DD type ^DIR calls documentation. Version 21.0
02/02/98 Updated ^%DT for Year 2000 (Y2K)changes DI*21*44, Version 21.0
04/15/97 ^DIM now checks against the 1995 M ANSI Standard. DI*21*28, Version 21.0
04/03/97 Changed title page, introduction, and preface to reflect VistA in place of DHCP. Version 21.0
02/10/97 Added description of new DIR("L") input parameter for ^DIR. DI*21*24, Version 21.0
01/15/97 Changed the table of contents to let you choose whether to list Classic and DBS APIs alphabetically or categorically. Version 21.0
12/19/96 Revised descriptions of the six classic reindexing entry points: EN^DIK, EN1^DIK, ENALL^DIK, IX^DIK, IX1^DIK, and IXALL^DIK. Version 21.0
12/18/96 Revised the descriptions of ^DIE and ^DIK. Version 21.0
12/16/96 BLD^DIALOG description updated. Version 21.0
12/12/96 Add a new flag (B) to ^DIC. DI*21*29, Version 21.0
12/02/96 Some minor, long-standing updates were made to several documents. Version 21.0
11/26/96 A group of long-standing (but minor) updates was made, including:
  • Revised advice in the DBS "Cleaning Up Output Arrays" section

  • More information on deleting field values with the DR string in ^DIE

  • More information on how to set up the DA array to edit multiples in ^DIE
Version 21.0
10/16/96 The documentation for EN1^DIP has been revised; it is now split into three separate documents to make the information more manageable:
  • One document contains the full descriptions of input and output variables

  • One document contains all information on the BY(0) feature

  • One document contains all other information on the call.
In addition, some of the descriptions for the BY(0) and other sorting features were revised.
DI*21*26, Version 21.0
10/08/96 Added an example to EN^DDIOL for converting a Write Identifier from using WRITE statements to using EN^DDIOL. Version 21.0
10/03/96 Description for the new FILE^DDMP Import Tool entry point added, in anticipation of the release of the Import Tool patch. DI*21*30, Version 21.0
10/02/96 Created a new "tabs" style top frame for the manual set. Eliminated the bottom frame also - less frames (3 vs. 4 before) should mean quicker loading. Version 21.0
09/24/96 All files now get their "last updated" date directly from the file's time/date stamp, via the javascript document.lastModified property. Also, the "framesynching" javascript function will no longer cause an error if a page is loaded on its own, outside of the context of the frameset for this manual.

All cross-manual links (between API and U1 manual, for example) now use "../" syntax to change directories (instead of a full "http:..." path), so the cross-manual links should work, even if the manuals are downloaded to and installed on a PC.

Version 21.0
09/24/96 Added "RD ACCESS" to the list of file attributes that can be returned by the FILE^DID and FILELST^DID calls. DI*21*25, Version 21.0
09/23/96 Updated the description of INPUT Transforms. In particular, mentioned the ability introduced by patch DI*21*8 to detect when the INPUT Transform is being executed by the Verify Fields option (and execute or avoid executing any part of the INPUT transform if this is the case). DI*21*8, Version 21.0
09/13/96 Redid the cross-manual links and javascript so that if the documentation set is downloaded to a PC, the cross-manual links, within the 4-frame frameset, will all work appropriately. Version 21.0
09/05/96 Added a "Search" text box to the bottom frame; Pete Rontey set it up so it only searches the FileMan docs directory. So there's a cross-manual search capability now for FileMan manuals. Thanks, Pete! Thanks, Vadim for the idea. Version 21.0

8/29/96: Programmer Manual split into
two manuals: Developer's Guide and APIs Manual.

08/27/96 Descriptions updated for the N and O flags for ^DIC. (none)
08/--/96 Descriptions for EN^DIAXU and the new EXTRACT^DIAXU updated/added, in anticipation of the release of patched Extract Tool entry points. DI*21*8, Version 21.0
07/15/96 Updated MSG^DIALOG's TEXT_WIDTH input parameter description. Version 21.0
07/15/96 Added following note to EN1^DIP: "If you are using both the BY and BY(0) input variables, don't set BY to the name of a template; errors could result." Version 21.0
06/18/96 Added DIC array of input parameters to descriptions of IX^DIC and MIX^DIC1. Version 21.0
06/07/96 Minor updates to FIELD^DID, ^DDS, and PUT^DDSVALF entry point descriptions. Minor reorganization of "Global File Structure" chapter. Version 21.0
06/4/96 Updated the description of IOP input variable in EN1^DIP entry point. Version 21.0
05/30/96 Reorganized the "DIFROM" chapter. Version 21.0
05/13/96 Added a paragraph on error checking to the Classic FileMan Callable Routines introduction. Version 21.0
05/13/96 Minor updates to descriptions of the N flag in ^DIC, and the A flag in FIND^DIC and $$FIND1^DIC. Minor updates to descriptions of FDA^DILF, WP^DIE, and the FDA. Version 21.0
05/10/96 File Characteristics Nodes listing reorganized, and Data Dictionary Audit node added to list. Version 21.0
05/10/96 FILE^DICN entry point description updated to limit the DIC(0) input flags to E and Z only. Version 21.0
50/10/96 ^DIR entry point updated to say that the DIR("S") input variable (a screen) can be used with list/range reads. Also describes the behavior of list/range reads when both the C flag and a screen are used. Version 21.0
04/26/96 Added map file ( to zipped download file ( Version 21.0
04/26/96 Updated "feedback" contact statements at the bottom of all pages in the manual. Version 21.0
03/20/96 Corrected the coordinates for the client-side imagemap table of contents (indexcli.htm), including updating the zip file ( Version 21.0
03/07/96 New "Download a Zipped Version of This Manual" page. Version 21.0
02/26/96 ^DIWP and ^DIWW entry point descriptions revised. Version 21.0


Reviewed/Updated: March 10, 2007