Java/M Working System Demo

(Best viewed in 800x600 screen resolution)

This demonstrates the logon process integrated into a web-page.

The logon process can also be run as an application.

logon-scr-1.jpg (62191 bytes)
After the logon button is pressed, the user is prompt for access and verify codes.

At this point, introductory text and other system information is received from the ORB Server for use on this form.

logon-scr-2.jpg (65875 bytes)
After successful sign-on, the main screen is displayed to the user.

This screen is made up of the application form that includes:
- Hello World message
- My Custom Button
- Custom Menu

The application form is then merged with the kernel workbench  form that includes additional components.

logon-scr-3.jpg (45750 bytes)
The System menu is part of the kernel workbench form.

This provides the ability to have consistent functions across application forms.

logon-scr-3.jpg (45750 bytes)
The custom menu is part of the application form.

Show Form 2 menu option demonstrates the ability for the application to move to another form.

logon-scr-5.jpg (47240 bytes)
After the Show Form 2 menu item is selected, the user is taken to the 2nd form.

This form contains only the label component "My Second Form!".

Notice the Custom menu item from the previous form was removed.

logon-scr-6.jpg (40626 bytes)
One of the functions provided by the kernel workbench is the System menu.

After the logout menu item is selected, the session is logged out.

logon-scr-7.jpg (42786 bytes)
After the user logs out, the kernel workbench is removed and the web-page is ready for another VISTA logon. logon-scr-8.jpg (62115 bytes)

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