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[Object Management Group, CORBAMed, and Javasoft]

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[CORBA Servers/Object Databases]

Inprise Visibroker ORB Server - Formerly known as Visigenic server (Borland bought Visigenic and then Borland changed their name to Inprise.

Gemstone - A very robust Application server that supports CORBA and Enterprise Java Beans (EJB).

IONA's Orbix ORB Server - They offer an add-on called "OrbixCOMet" that supports D/COM.

[Developer Resources]

Java Developer Connection - This site is FREE and managed by Javasoft. They have chat rooms and ability to post questions to other developers.

[Java News-style Sites] - Provides lots of good Java links and resources. You can also post your organizations information and products "free" to their database. This site was formally known as Gamelan.

Java Developer's Journal - Provides news stories and software reviews and also offers a good technical magazine.

JavaWorld - An on-line magazine with resources and an area to search for and post Java software.

Java Report Magazine - Provides code examples, links, and resources. Appears to be a more technical magazine for developers

JavaPro Magazine - Another up-and-coming Java magazine.

Focus on Java - A well-rounded Java site providing both news-style articles and technical articles. A nice site to visit without having to deal with a lot of hype or advertising banners!

[Java Shareware Sites]

JavaShareware - A database of Java shareware components. You can post and search for products at this site.

The Java Repository - A site that offers some unique services and approaches to offering Java resources. Resources are rated and commented on by people who have viewed the resource. Spend some time visiting this site.

Java Applet Rating Service (JARS) - A site that offers a lot of Java and other Internet resources (VRML, Active X, Perl, etc.). Java resources are rated by a panel and those ratings are posted with the resource.

[Corporate Sites]

IBM - IBM provides some very nice resources and learning aids for Java.

JavaSoft's Main Page - To know what is going on in the Java community, this is the main page to visit. Contains a lot of very good information and you can easily spend days at this site researching Java information.

Sun Microsystems - Sun's corporate enterprise Java solutions and resources.

100% Pure Java Initiative - The 100% Pure Java Initiative is a marketing and technology program providing education, certification, and marketing support for developers of platform independent Java products.

[Java Development Tools]

Borland - Borland's JBuilder Java development tool.

IBM - IBM's new Java visual application development tool called "VisualAge".

Penumbra Software - Penumbra's Java visual development tool called "MoJo".

Powersoft tools from Sybase - Powersoft's PowerJ Java development tool.

Sun Microsystems - Sun's Java visual development tool called "Java Workshop ".

Symantec Corporation - Symantec's Visual Cafe' software including database solutions.

Tek-Tools - Tek-Tools Java development tool called KAWA.

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