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VA FileMan V. 22.0 Getting Started HTML Manual: Main Table of Contents Main Contents


bullet Introduction
bullet Preparing to Run DIFROM
bullet Package File and DIFROM
bullet OE/RR and DIFROM
bullet Running DIFROM (1-17)
  1. Starting DIFROM
  2. Preliminary Validations
  3. Package Identification
  4. Identifying Init Routines
  5. Specificying Exported Files
  6. Entering Version Information
  7. Including Templates
  8. Including Other Components
  9. Exporting File Security
  10. Specifying Routine Size
  11. Gather Misc. Components
  12. Build Rtns for DDs
  13. Build Rtns for Data
  14. Build Rtns for Security Codes
  15. Gather Template/Forms
  16. Complete Building Rtns
  17. Complete Code for Inits
bullet Running an INIT (1-16)
  1. Preliminary Steps
  2. Check Version Number
  3. Run Environment Check Rtn
  4. Install Status: DDs/Data
  5. Install Status: Security Codes
  6. Install Status: Other Components
  7. Starting the Update
  8. Pre-init After User Commit Rtn
  9. Install DDs
  10. Install Data
  11. Reindex Files
  12. Install Other Components
  13. General Processing
  14. Special Processing
  15. Post-Init
  16. Record the Install

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